Home Office Safety For Remote Workers

How do we ensure worker safety in a remote work environment? Sixty-two percent of American workers report they have worked from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Compliance leaders are now faced with a critical challenge: how do you adapt your safety compliance program to support a remote workforce? In this session, Donna McEntee, Director of EHS Compliance Products for Skillsoft, will discuss OSHA’s perspective of remote work, the principal safety concerns and key issues to consider when implementing compliance policies for remote workers.


  • Explore OSHA’s regulatory perspective for home offices and work-relatedness of injuries
  • How to identify and reduce ergonomic hazards in a home-office environment
  • How to identify common hazards and prevent accidents in the home workspace
  • How to ensure that your organization’s EHS policies are clearly communicated, understood, and implemented consistently among employees
  • How to identify safety training requirements and track participation
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