How to Build Successful Coaching Programs at Scale – A Conversation with CRH Americas

As businesses look to retain top talent and fill their talent pipeline, building effective leaders becomes integral to all learning and development strategies. And to build effective leaders, organizations must turn to leadership coaching. Coaching allows employees to develop key power skills, like communication, strategic thinking, and empathy, to enable them to lead in the modern workforce. But how can organizations turn the idea of coaching into action? Listen to our fireside chat with CRH Americas on building a successful coaching program for leaders. They share their experience developing a coaching program from the ground up, from getting stakeholder buy-in to launching the platform across their business.

Through this discussion, you will learn how to:

  • Define the coaching program’s objectives.
  • Assess different types of coaching options and identify the best one for your business.
  • Implement and manage a coaching platform that scales with your organization.
  • Build and maintain learner and manager support for the program.
  • Measure progress and learner impact.