Leadercamp: Leading in the New Normal

For all that has been said and written about uncertainty these days, the crisis has held up a mirror to how leaders make decisions. The pandemic has shined a bright light on many leaders’ best selves.

To empower the leaders to build the skills required to lead in the changed world, People Matters and Skillsoft bring to you The Leadercamp- a first-of-its-kind workshop and an interactive learning experience designed to enable participants to lead through rapid change and crisis and create a way forward for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

This three-day Leadercamp will take participants through a leadership journey that starts with taking care of one’s self first.



Leading in a changed world - how different it is?

Master the skills required to lead in the changed world when everything is uncertain and something that has not been experienced before


Investing in your workforce

Learn how you as a leader can motivate, engage, and influence in the most demotivating times posed by the crisis


What new normal should we create?

Experience how to respond to the crisis and design a pathway for the future in the most agile and resilient ways


Elisa M. Vincent

Vice President- Global Talent Enablement, Skillsoft

Shiv Shivakumar

Group Exec. President- Corporate Strategy & Business Development - Aditya Birla Group

Andrew Campbell

Senior Partner, Asia Pacific, Talent and Transformation - IBM

Padmaja Alaganandan

Chief People Officer, PwC

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