Return To Work — A Guide For Employee Reboarding

In 2020, the pandemic meant that many workplaces adopted remote work models. Today, with multiple vaccines in the market and a large percentage of the population vaccinated, employers are preparing to return their teams to the workplace. But, doing so isn’t as simple as unlocking the doors.

Reboarding is a method of bringing employees back into the workplace after an extended absence — like with the pandemic. The process of reboarding helps organizations minimize health and safety risks as they return employees to the workplace.  

In this recent webinar, Donna McEntee, Skillsoft Director of Employee Health and Safety, introduces the concept of reboarding and shares important health and safety considerations for returning to the office environment.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Key considerations to prepare the workplace for returning to work 
  • How reboarding differs from onboarding
  • Additional skills needed by managers for reboarding efforts
  • Management’s role in employee mental health and recognizing trauma and stress 
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