Safety in a Remote Work Environment

OSHA has provided limited and conflicting guidance over the years as it relates to home-office safety for employees. It is important to understand what regulations apply and additional guidance available to employers to guide your decisions for ensuring employees are safe.

Key areas for us to explore are ergonomics; slips, trips, and falls; and fires and other emergencies in the home-office environment. As employers, you will need to consider how employees evaluate their work environments; provide employees with needed additional equipment; revise existing policies to accommodate home-office work, and provide relevant training for employees.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn:

• Explore OSHA regulatory perspective for home offices

• How to identify and reduce ergonomic hazards in a home-office environment

• How to identify and prevent accidents in the home workspace

• How to ensure that your organization’s EHS policies are clearly communicated, understood, and implemented consistently among employees

• How to identify safety training requirements and track participation

• Ensure that policies surrounding home-office work and best safety practices are communicated.

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