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Solving the Problem of Siloed IT in Organizations

Mastering DevOps Chaos


To break down information barriers and drive transformation, business leaders must engage directly with technologists and ask the right questions.

One example of how NOT to operate: a CEO feeling unable to check in with the IT team about a rewrite, saying, “I have no idea. And I couldn’t possibly ask them—I’m a business leader, not a coder!"

This is an all-too-common trap. This conversation happens so often that in MIT’s consulting practice, they have a name for the pattern that underlies it: the technology walled garden.

Keeping the technologists in this comfortable silo can wreak havoc on strategic priorities and trigger a cascade of effects throughout different parts of the organization.

A DevOps transformation will not succeed unless there is executive buy-in and alignment across the business. MIT SMR: Solving the Problem of Siloed IT in Organizations presents authoritative expertise from MIT Sloan Management Review on exactly how to do that. Access today, learn how to break down communication barriers across teams, and take your organization to the next level of the DevOps maturity journey.

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