Android Jetpack Compose Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 24m
  • 24 questions
The Android Jetpack Compose Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark measures your knowledge of customizing screen layouts using column and row composables, using image composables, implementing scrolling, and managing and working with user interface (UI) state. You will be evaluated on your ability to use lazy composables to build performant and efficient screens, use state management with lazy composables, navigate to different screens in an app and pass data using navigation, and run an app on a real Android device. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they have the skills to develop complex and interactive user screens and multiscreen applications using Jetpack Compose.

Topics covered

  • add screens to an app
  • create a bottom navigation bar
  • create a lazy column widget in an app
  • create a lazy list view widget in an app
  • create an app and view the preview in Jetpack Compose
  • create an app with multiple navigation screens
  • create a scaffold with a floating action button
  • create sliders with state
  • display images with the image composable
  • hoist state in Jetpack Compose
  • load images efficiently with coil
  • make navigation more efficient
  • manage a composable state
  • modify an app to store state with the remember function
  • pass data between composables
  • query data from the data layer
  • run an app on a real phone
  • save the list item state across reorderings
  • set up and view an app with a column composable
  • set up and view and app with a row composable
  • use live data and view model in a Compose app
  • use state in a Compose app
  • use the lazy grid widget
  • use vertical scrolling in an app