Angular 11 Awareness (Entry Level)

  • 15m
  • 15 questions
The Angular 11 Awareness (Entry Level) benchmark measures your understanding of the features and benefits of Angular and how to create and run Angular applications and name the characteristics of package.json files and TypeScript. You will be assessed on your skills in creating classes in TypeScript, adding properties and functions to TypeScript classes, defining decorators in JavaScript, creating a simple Angular component, adding to an Angular component, and binding data with interpolation and ng-bind. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they can recognize the Angular and TypeScript features and create a simple Angular component.

Topics covered

  • add a multi-line template to an Angular component and an external template to a React component
  • add external style and multiple style files to Angular components
  • add inline styles to an Angular component template and use style tags to add inline styles
  • create a component using the Angular CLI, add the component to a module, and add inline HTML to the component
  • create and run an Angular application using the CLI
  • define object-oriented programming concepts and outline how to create classes in TypeScript and convert TypeScript classes to functions
  • describe how to add functions to a TypeScript class and explain how to access public property in a class function
  • describe how to add private and public properties to a TypeScript class and explain the use of public properties outside the class
  • describe the characteristics of package.json files
  • describe the concept of decorators in TypeScript and how to add decorators to functions, class variables, and classes
  • describe what's meant by binding state variables with interpolation, calling functions and mathematical expressions inside interpolation, the use of "ng-bind" for interpolating data, and the use of ng-bind with different HTML elements
  • list the different building blocks of Angular, namely Angular components, services, modules, and routing
  • outline a high-level overview of Angular – its past and present.
  • outline the basic characteristics of TypeScript
  • recognize the various parts of an Angular application and how they relate to one other