API Development Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The API Development Competency benchmark measures your ability to implement web API security, cloud API management, and API development tools. You will be assessed on your skills to create and use REST API methods, perform advanced REST client testing using the Chrome browser, enforce SSL in a web API controller, and implement Firebase Performance Monitoring on a web page. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to accomplish end to end API development

Topics covered

  • authenticate an API using local logins
  • configure the Firebase Cloud Storage service and use it to perform related operations
  • demonstrate how to consume a REST API service using ReactJS
  • demonstrate how to develop a WebSocket API using the API gateway
  • demonstrate how to maintain an HTTP API using the API gateway
  • demonstrate how to use the Azure API Management developer portal
  • demonstrate the HTML5 geolocation features using examples
  • demonstrate the HTML5 SVG graphics features using examples
  • demonstrate the HTML5 web storage features using examples
  • describe best practices for defining API schemas and using verbs and nouns
  • describe how Azure API Management can be used for deploying and hosting API web services
  • describe the characteristics, goals, and various use cases for API gateways in REST API web service deployment
  • describe various methods for consuming web services from client-side devices
  • describe what is meant by Hypertext and Hypermedia and distinguish their differences
  • download and install the Apache Tomcat web server
  • download and install the Docker Desktop virtualization environment
  • download and install the MongoDB database server
  • enable a cross-origin request in Web API 2
  • enforce SSL in a Web API controller
  • illustrate how to consume a SOAP web service using Node.js
  • illustrate how to implement a POST method using a REST API web service
  • illustrate how to use API Route constraints
  • illustrate how to use filters in Web API
  • implement caching using response caching middleware in ASP.Net Core
  • implement Firebase Performance Monitoring on a web app
  • implement in-memory caching using ASP.Net Core
  • manage Firebase projects using the Firebase Management REST API
  • perform API versioning using URIs
  • publish multiple API versions using Azure API Management
  • transform and protect APIs using Azure API Management