API Testing Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 26m
  • 26 questions
The API Testing Competency benchmark measures your ability to recognize Agile and TDD best practices for APIs. You will be assessed on your skills to perform unit testing with frameworks, write scenarios and scenario outlines using Cucumber, integrate BDD into the Scrum process, and perform a pen test on a REST API using Burp Suite. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to create a unit test, implement automated web testing using Selenium, and apply TDD and BDD principles to develop APIs.

Topics covered

  • compare API testing with traditional software testing features
  • demonstrate a test-driven development cycle
  • describe best practices for using user stories
  • describe how to integrate behavior-driven development into the Scrum process
  • describe how to perform behavior-driven development using Cucumber
  • describe how to use behavior-driven development principles to develop APIs
  • describe how to use mock frameworks and mock objects and why they are important
  • describe how unit tests can be effectively used in automated testing
  • describe the acceptance test-driven development process
  • describe the differences in penetration testing methodologies
  • describe the importance of performing penetration tests on web services and APIs due to their vulnerabilities
  • describe the SOLID design principles for software development
  • describe tools and frameworks that can be used in API testing
  • describe tools for performing software testing techniques
  • differentiate between APIs and microservices
  • differentiate between penetration testing and vulnerability assessments
  • differentiate between test-driven development and test first development
  • identify a penetration testing team structure
  • identify the stages of penetration testing
  • implement automated web testing using Selenium unit tests
  • perform a penetration test
  • perform a penetration test using Burp Suite
  • perform integration testing
  • recognize the importance of penetration testing
  • recognize the tools available for API penetration testing
  • write scenarios and scenario outlines using Cucumber