API Testing with Postman Literacy (Beginner Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The API Testing with Postman Literacy (Beginner Level) benchmark evaluates your essential understanding of sending requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), writing test scripts, using collection runners, and implementing authentication. You will be assessed on your ability to use variables and other techniques in Postman and recognize the process of application programming interface (API) testing in Postman. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate a recognition of the basics of testing APIs, working with variables, using data files, performing end-to-end testing, and creating mocks in Postman.

Topics covered

  • add resources with POST requests
  • configure headers and parse cURL requests
  • construct loops using scripts
  • create a mock server and place mock requests
  • create mock error responses
  • create secret variables
  • explore basic and digest authentication
  • explore header presets
  • explore request chaining
  • navigate the Postman web user interface (UI)
  • outline the process of application programming interface (API) testing with Postman
  • provide an overview of Postman
  • publish documentation
  • run a bug-tracking application programming interface (API) server
  • run a collection with a collection runner
  • run collections with monitoring
  • run end-to-end tests
  • run multiple iterations of a collection
  • send PUT, PATCH, and DELETE requests
  • specify request data using files
  • sync data using a Postman account
  • use query parameters and path variables
  • use test scripts with POST requests
  • use test scripts with PUT and DELETE requests
  • work with collection variables
  • work with environment variables
  • work with global variables
  • work with the Postman command line interface (CLI)
  • write pre-request scripts for collections
  • write test scripts for schema validation