API Testing with REST Assured Java Literacy (Beginner Level)

  • 25m
  • 25 questions
The API Testing with REST Assured Java Literacy (Beginner Level) benchmark evaluates your knowledge of performing basic API testing with REST Assured, utilizing Hamcrest matchers, validating JSON responses and schemas, and testing different types of HTTP endpoints. You will be assessed on your ability to develop and test REST APIs using various HTTP verbs, manage request and response bodies with plain old Java objects (POJOs), validate response bodies using REST Assured, generate JSON schemas using online tools, and employ advanced validation techniques for JSON and XML data formats. Learners scoring high on this benchmark demonstrate the skills to conduct basic API tests using REST Assured and a grasp of foundational validation concepts and tools.

Topics covered

  • compare a schema to a response body
  • deserialize JSON responses to a generic container and a plain old Java object (POJO)
  • load and validate a response body with JSONPath
  • load and validate collections with JsonPath
  • perform testing with query parameters
  • provide an overview of REST Assured for testing application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • recall JSON schema dialects
  • run an API server and send requests
  • run application programming interface (API) endpoints
  • run a REST Assured test with TestNG
  • send HEAD and OPTIONS requests
  • send PUT and PATCH requests
  • send requests with path and query params
  • specify a request body with POJOs
  • specify range constraints in a schema
  • use Hamcrest matchers with collections and arrays
  • use Hamcrest matchers with Java objects
  • use Hamcrest matchers with numeric values
  • use Lombok for boilerplate code
  • use response-aware matchers to extract values
  • validate a JSON schema
  • validate nested fields and JSON arrays
  • validate response headers and bodies using the Response Object
  • validate response headers with Hamcrest
  • view HTTP request endpoints for API testing