AWS Associate Solutions Architect 2020: Design Secure Applications and Architectures Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The AWS Design Secure Applications and Architectures Competency benchmark measures your ability to determine when and how to use security groups and to select appropriate data security options. You will be assessed on your skills to design secure access to AWS resources and choose appropriate services to create traceability for access to AWS resources. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to design secure application tiers and select appropriate policies and AWS services to protect against threats.

Topics covered

  • add users and groups to AWS Managed AD
  • configure a static web site
  • configure IAM policies
  • configure S3 public access
  • configure Simple AD
  • create an AWS IAM group
  • create a private CA
  • deploy a private CA to issue PKI certificates
  • distinguish between network ACLs and security groups
  • enable and use AWS Security Hub
  • enable CloudWatch alarms
  • enable EBS volume encryption
  • enable MFA for an IAM user
  • enable MFA for the AWS root account
  • enable S3 encryption using PowerShell
  • enable S3 replication to different regions
  • enable versioning in S3
  • monitor EC2 instance activity
  • protect a web app using a WAF
  • provision a NAT gateway
  • provision an Internet gateway
  • recognize how microservices and decoupling result in modular, efficient applications
  • recognize the benefit of using ECS
  • register a DNS domain through Route 53
  • use the CLI to manage IAM users
  • use the GUI to deploy a message queue
  • use the GUI to manage IAM groups
  • use the GUI to provision an elastic IP
  • use the GUI to view CloudTrail events
  • use the portal to create a KMS key