AWS Associate Solutions Architect 2022: Design Resilient Architectures Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 20m
  • 18 questions
The AWS Design Resilient Architectures Competency benchmark evaluates your ability to design a multi-tier architecture solution. You will be measured on your skills in designing decoupling mechanisms using AWS services and choosing appropriate resilient storage. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to design highly available and/or fault-tolerant architectures.

Topics covered

  • Attach an Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume to an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance
  • Cconfigure MySQL snapshots
  • Configure Amazon S3 Glacier for data archiving
  • Configure data transfer into a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket
  • Connect to MySQL in AWS using MySQL Workbench
  • Create an Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume
  • Create an Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume snapshot, recreate a volume from the snapshot, and copy a volume to an alternate region
  • Create a Network File System (NFS) configuration and mount from Linux
  • Deploy and configure DocumentDB
  • Deploy and configure DynamoDB
  • Deploy and configure Microsoft SQL Server in AWS
  • Deploy a target group and Network Load Balancer
  • Describe how AWS Backup provides availability for AWS services
  • Manage S3 Lifecycle rules
  • Name the disaster recovery factors available within AWS
  • Recognize when to use various AWS database services including Relational Database Service (RDS) Proxy
  • Restore data from a MySQL snapshot
  • Use a Secure Shell (SSH) client to transfer on-premises files into a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket