AWS Certified DevOps Engineer 2021: AWS Incident and Event Response Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 21m
  • 21 questions
The AWS Incident and Event Response Competency benchmark measures your knowledge of the concepts and steps required to restore operations, troubleshoot issues, automate event management, and alerting. You will be evaluated on your skills with the concepts and steps required to implement and utilize automated healing. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to implement event-driven automated actions.

Topics covered

  • automate the rollback of a failed ECS deployment
  • configure actions and events and describe the uses of automated actions
  • configure a roll-out process that automatically responds to software updates
  • configure automated restores from backup in the event of a failure
  • configure OpsWorks Stacks auto healing notifications in CloudWatch Events
  • configure route 53 for DNS and cross-region failover
  • create a scalable, self healing architecture
  • describe how to detect and respond to maintenance and spot termination events
  • describe how to implement auto healing to replace failed instances
  • describe the uses of automated actions and how to implement them
  • describe the uses of AWS Systems Manager and configure automation with it
  • identify the benefits of Kinesis and the four different capabilities it has
  • identify the different incident domains and indicators of cloud security events
  • investigate and associate logged events with application components
  • monitor operations using metrics and alarms and identify types of metrics and alarms
  • outline how to effectively optimize costs and manage expenditure and usage
  • outline how to implement health checks and narrow down unhealthy components
  • outline how to query log data, monitor events, and archive log data
  • troubleshoot errors regarding automation within Systems Manager
  • update limits proactively using the AWS solutions limit monitor
  • use Amazon Lambda with Amazon Kinesis to consume events from a Kinesis stream