AWS Certified DevOps Engineer 2021: AWS Monitoring and Logging Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 21m
  • 21 questions
The AWS Monitoring and Logging Competency benchmark assesses your understanding of communicating the required policy based on the least privileges required by the application, as well as your ability to encrypt data at rest and in transit. You will be evaluated on your implementation skills for application authentication and authorization using Amazon Cognito. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills necessary to implement encryption using AWS services and make authenticated calls to AWS services.

Topics covered

  • configure and use the AWS Personal Health Dashboard to monitor the health of your environment
  • configure Elasticsearch to search CloudWatch logs in AWS
  • configure log subscription filters in AWS CloudWatch
  • create a CodeDeploy deployment with a tag-based deployment group in AWS
  • create a tag-based deployment group in AWS
  • define structured logging and describe its features
  • describe common methods for aggregating logs for monitoring in a cloud environment
  • describe how AWS Config managed configuration via config rules
  • describe how to manage environment state using AWS Inspector
  • describe how VPC flow logs are monitored in AWS and the benefits of monitoring your environment's network traffic
  • describe strategies in AWS for threat detection and the use of Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) for AWS to collect security information
  • describe the concepts and best practices for automating monitoring in the cloud
  • describe the functionality of AWS X-Ray for monitoring service metrics and the advantages of monitoring service metrics
  • describe the lifecycle of logs in a cloud system
  • describe the purpose, goals, and challenges of logging in a distributed architecture
  • enable data event logging in AWS S3 to monitor events occurring on S3 objects
  • outline how global condition context keys are used to validate AWS user requests
  • recognize how to use cost allocation tags in AWS for efficient cost analysis
  • recognize the need for both automated and manual monitoring in distributed systems and describe a balance between the two
  • recognize what role tagging plays in AWS authorization
  • test an API in AWS and recognize strategies for testing APIs