AWS Cloud Practitioner: Economics, Security, and Compliance Literacy (Beginner Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The AWS Cloud Economics, Security, and Compliance Literacy benchmark measures your ability to recognize the AWS shared responsibility model. You will be assessed on your knowledge in AWS Cloud costs and economics, compliance solutions, identity management, and key security features. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to understand AWS compliance, and apply security best practices and billing practices.

Topics covered

  • compare IAM managed policies
  • compare the standard and advanced versions of AWS Shield
  • configure security groups in AWS
  • define the AWS free tier model
  • define the customer responsibility in AWS
  • define the provider responsibility in AWS
  • describe the primary advantages of AWS compliance programs and name some compliance standards they meet
  • describe the purpose and characteristics of Amazon GuardDuty
  • describe the purposes and characteristics of AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) and AWS Cognito
  • illustrate how the cost calendar in AWS is used
  • illustrate how the TCO calculator in AWS is used
  • illustrate the purpose of AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
  • illustrate the use of IAM password policies
  • name and describe the various AWS service pricing models
  • navigate the AWS Compliance Solutions Guide and other AWS compliance services
  • outline how AWS Artifact assists in document auditing and list examples of documents that can be managed using this service
  • outline how to configure CLI access in AWS
  • outline the core principles of the shared responsibility model
  • outline the purpose of IAM roles and illustrate how to set them up in AWS
  • state the benefits of cloud security and recognize how they relate to using AWS services