AWS SysOps Associate 2021: AWS Deployment, Provisioning, and Automation Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The AWS Deployment, Provisioning, and Automation Competency benchmark measures your ability to create and manage AMIs and AWS CloudFormation, provision resources across multiple AWS Regions and accounts, and identify and remediate deployment issues. You will be evaluated on your skills in using AWS services, implementing automated patch management, and scheduling automated tasks by using AWS services. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to provision and maintain cloud resources and automate manual or repeatable processes.

Topics covered

  • configure an AWS storage gateway
  • configure an EFS share
  • configure instance launch scripts
  • create a container registry in AWS
  • create an AMI using the Image Builder tool
  • create an S3 bucket using the CLI
  • create resource groups using the GUI
  • deploy containers in AWS
  • deploy Linux instances using the CLI
  • deploy MySQL
  • deploy SQL databases
  • deploy Windows instances using the CLI
  • describe how in-memory caching enhances databases performance
  • describe how PowerShell helps automate IT tasks
  • enable S3 bucket static website hosting
  • list AWS solutions in place for software developers
  • manage AMIs using the CLI
  • manage EBS volumes using PowerShell
  • manage S3 content using the GUI
  • resize instances using the GUI
  • run commands on managed instances
  • tag resources using the CLI
  • use a template to deploy a Linux instance
  • use Beanstalk to orchestrate application management
  • use Docker in Linux to work with application containers
  • use OpsWorks for configuration management
  • use RDP to manage Windows instances remotely
  • use Systems Manager to manage AWS resources
  • use the AWS management console
  • use the GUI to configure CloudFront caching