AZ-204: Consuming Azure and Third-party Services Competency 2023 (Intermediate Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The Consuming Azure and Third-party Services Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark assesses your recognition of how to manage and secure APIs using the Azure API Management service, API gateways, Azure Functions integration, and Azure Active Directory. You will be evaluated on your skills in working with Azure Event Grid and building highly scalable and reliable messaging-based solutions using a variety of tools and techniques, including Azure Service Bus and Queue Storage, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Power Automate, and Azure Stream Analytics. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to implement the Azure API Management service and develop event-based and message-based solutions.

Topics covered

  • authenticate and authorize access to events and event handlers
  • configure caching to improve the performance of APIs
  • configure dead lettering for event subscriptions
  • create and manage event subscriptions in Azure Event Grid
  • create custom topics and event types in Azure Event Grid
  • describe Azure API Management
  • describe the concepts of Azure Event Grid
  • identify options for deploying and scaling Azure API Management to meet your needs
  • identify the different messaging patterns available in Azure Service Bus
  • identify the different types of events that can be handled by Azure Event Grid
  • implement and manage different versions of an API
  • implement rate limits and quotas to control usage and prevent overuse of resources
  • implement security measures such as authentication and authorization to protect APIs
  • integrate Azure API Management with Azure Active Directory (AD) to secure APIs using Azure AD
  • integrate Service Bus and Queue Storage to build more powerful messaging solutions
  • outline Queue Storage scalability and performance
  • outline Service Bus security
  • outline the use of Service Bus and Queue Storage monitoring
  • provide an overview of Azure Service Bus
  • replay events and configure event replay for event subscriptions
  • route events to different handlers such as Azure Functions or Logic Apps
  • set up and configure API gateways to control access to backend services and APIs
  • set up and customize a developer portal to provide documentation and access to APIs
  • set up and use monitoring and analytics to understand the usage and performance of APIs
  • use Azure Event Grid with Azure Functions to create and manage event-triggered Azure Functions
  • use Event Grid with Logic Apps to create and manage event-triggered Logic Apps
  • use Service Bus and Logic Apps together to build workflows and automate business processes
  • use Service bus and Power Automate together to automate business processes
  • use Service Bus in conjunction with Azure Stream Analytics to build data processing solutions
  • use Service Bus in conjunction with Event Grid to build event-driven architectures