AZ-204: Consuming Azure and Third-party Services Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 22m
  • 22 questions
The AZ-204: Consuming Azure and Third-party Services Competency benchmark assesses your ability to configure authentication and define policies for APIs. You will be measured on your skills to implement solutions that use Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hub, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Queue Storage queues. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to implement API management, and develop event-based and message-based solutions.

Topics covered

  • architect a cloud-based app using Azure Event Grid
  • build Azure queue storage functions into your .NET app
  • create an Azure Event Hub
  • create a notification hub on Azure
  • deploy a new Azure Service Bus queue via the Azure Portal
  • deploy Azure API Management
  • describe how to program settlement operations to validate message sending and receiving between the client and Azure Service Bus
  • identify how to expire messages through message and entity-level TTL in Azure Service Bus
  • identify when to use a queue or a topic and subscription model in Azure Service Bus
  • importing an API into Azure API Management
  • manage microservices APIs deployed in Azure Kubernetes Services
  • outline how to sequence messages and schedule them for delayed transferal in Azure Service Bus
  • publish a list of APIs and assign usage quotas
  • recognize how to use Azure Storage for storing messaging queues
  • remove back-end info from your APIs
  • route a custom event to a web endpoint using Azure Event Grid
  • secure access to APIs by validating incoming certificates
  • use APIM policies to configure your APIs
  • use authentication policies to control access to your APIs
  • use Azure AD to authenticate client access to Azure API Management
  • use Azure Event Hubs to stream data into a collector and analyzer
  • use PowerShell to manage queues in Azure storage