AZ-204: Developing Azure Compute Solutions Competency 2023 (Intermediate Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The AZ-204: Developing Azure Compute Solutions Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark measures your ability to work with Azure App Service and a variety of tools and techniques to deploy web apps. You will be evaluated on your skills in creating and deploying Azure Functions apps, deploying a web app using Azure Pipelines, connecting to Azure App Service using managed identity, implementing triggers, using binding extensions, and working with Azure Cosmos DB bindings. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to create Azure App Service web apps and implement Azure Functions and triggers.

Topics covered

  • bring dependencies to Azure functions
  • buy a custom domain name for Azure App Service
  • choose an Azure compute service
  • configure an Azure App Service app
  • configure triggers and bindings in an Azure function
  • connect to Azure App Service using managed identity
  • connect to events and messaging services from Azure functions
  • create a custom container in Azure App Service
  • create a durable function in C#
  • create a Java app on Azure App Service
  • create a Node.js web app in Azure App Service
  • deploy a Python web app to Azure App Service
  • deploy Azure App Service using Azure Pipelines
  • enable diagnostic logging for apps in Azure App Service
  • handle errors in Azure function trigger and bindings
  • identify situations in which you would use custom handlers in Azure Functions
  • identify usage scenarios for app service environments
  • improve performance and reliability of Azure Functions by implementing best practices
  • list the key features of an Azure App Service
  • manage a function app in Azure Portal
  • monitor function executions using Azure application insights
  • run an Azure function from an HTTP request
  • scale up an app in Azure App Service
  • secure a connection to Azure App Service using digital security certificates
  • set up autoscale in Azure App Service
  • sync content from GitHub to Azure App Service
  • use Azure Functions to deploy code continuously by using source control integration
  • use binding expressions in an Azure function
  • use security strategies when configuring and running an Azure function
  • work with Azure Cosmos DB bindings in Azure functions