AZ-204: Implementing Azure Security Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 18m
  • 18 questions
The AZ-204: Implementing Azure Security Competency benchmark measures your ability to authenticate and authorize users by using the Microsoft Identity platform and Azure Active Directory. You will be evaluated on your skills to develop code that uses keys, secrets, and certificates stored in the Azure Key Vault and secure app configuration data by using the App Configuration Azure Key Vault. You will also be assessed on your skills to implement managed identities for Azure resources and create and implement shared access signatures. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to implement user authentication and authorization, and secure cloud solutions.

Topics covered

  • build authentication into your application using Azure Active Directory
  • configure a web app to connect to Key Vault to retrieve a secret
  • create a SAS that provides access to an Azure resource
  • create a user-assigned managed identity
  • enable Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to secure your accounts
  • ensure you follow best practices when using SAS
  • integrate Key Vault secrets into your CI/CD pipelines
  • leverage the Microsoft identity platform for building in authentication and authorization to your apps
  • provide access to applications to users and groups using Microsoft identity
  • recognize how to create a system-assigned managed identity
  • recognize the flow of authentication from your app to the Microsoft identity provider
  • recognize the role of Azure Active Directory Managed Identities
  • recognize the uses of a SAS for providing access to resources
  • register an application with Microsoft identity
  • store and manage secrets in Azure Key Vault
  • use Azure App Configuration to configure your app
  • use OAuth2 to protect your exposed APIs
  • use Visual Studio Connected Services to connect Key Vault to your web app