AZ-500: Azure Identity and Access Management Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The Azure Identity and Access Management Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark measures your understanding of managing user access and authentication to Azure resources. You will be evaluated on your ability to manage Azure Active Directory (AD) users, groups, and features. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates competency in many areas of this domain and has the knowledge and insights needed to secure Azure AD users and implement secure access to Azure resources using Azure AD.

Topics covered

  • analyze permissions with an Azure AD access review
  • assign Azure AD roles for delegated administration
  • assign product licenses to Azure Active Directory (AD) users
  • configure Azure Active Directory (AD) where users do not require passwords to authenticate
  • configure Azure AD Connect settings
  • configure Azure AD password lockout settings
  • configure Azure AD single sign-on (SSO)
  • configure conditional access policies
  • configure identity protection
  • configure managed identities
  • configure privileged identity management
  • configure service principals
  • connect a Windows 10 computer to an Azure AD tenant
  • create a dynamic device group in Azure AD
  • create multiple Azure AD users from a bulk import
  • enable Azure AD password protection
  • enable self-service password reset (SSPR) to reduce the help desk burden
  • enable the self-service group management (SSGM) option
  • navigate through Azure AD Entra options
  • recognize how Azure AD conditional access secures Azure AD
  • recognize the purpose of Azure AD access reviews
  • register an Android device with Azure AD
  • sign-in as an MFA-enabled user
  • use PowerShell to configure a static Azure AD group
  • use PowerShell to manage Azure AD users
  • use the CLI to configure a static Azure AD group
  • use the CLI to manage Azure AD users
  • use the portal to enable admin MFA
  • use the portal to enable MFA for users
  • work with Azure AD administrative units