Azure AI Fundamentals: Artificial Intelligence on Microsoft Azure Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 15m 59s
  • 16 questions
The Artificial Intelligence on Microsoft Azure Competency benchmark measures your ability to recall and identify the features of common AI workloads and principles for responsible AI implementation. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the necessary knowledge of AI workloads on the Azure platform.

Topics covered

  • describe Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used to solve business problems
  • describe classification algorithms and how they are used to classify objects or relations
  • describe clustering algorithms and how they can be used to determine groupings in data
  • describe datasets and how to manipulate data for those datasets
  • describe how fairness in AI algorithms results in responsible AI
  • describe how features are selected and used from datasets in AI algorithms
  • describe how governance and organizational policies provide accountability for AI responsibility
  • describe how privacy and security must be factored into responsibly creating and using AI solutions
  • describe how supervised machine learning models use labeled data, are simpler to build, and have more accurate results
  • describe how the use of inclusiveness in AI algorithms can benefit everyone
  • describe how to responsibly use AI by making sure it is reliable and safe
  • describe how transparency should be used with AI algorithms in a responsible way
  • describe how unsupervised machine learning models use unlabeled data, which makes them more complex but more flexible than supervised machine learning
  • describe machine learning and how it can be used for anomaly detection, computer vision, and natural language processing
  • describe regression algorithms and how they are used to make predictions
  • differentiate between labeled and unlabeled data and describe why some AI models require labeled data