C# Programming Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The C# Programming Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark evaluates your skills in working with programming properties, indexers, reflection, and attributes in C#. You will be assessed on your ability to use debugging and security features in C# applications, manipulate data and objects using LINQ, perform data serialization, and use collections. Learners scoring high on this benchmark demonstrate the ability to skillfully utilize C# programming properties, indexers, reflection, and attributes while also mastering debugging, security features, LINQ, data serialization, and collections manipulation.

Topics covered

  • configure performance counters
  • create interfaces
  • create method-based and query expression-based LINQ queries
  • distinguish typed and non-typed collections
  • generate a unique key pair and assign it to an assembly
  • implement explicit interfaces
  • implement the IComparable interface
  • query data using the operators projection, join, group, take, skip, and aggregate
  • serialize and deserialize JSON data
  • use auto-implemented properties
  • use either faster symmetric or more secure asymmetric algorithms
  • use IEnumerable
  • use Microsoft Visual Studio's Global Assembly Cache (GAC) to store and deploy strong-named components
  • use the Dictionary object
  • use the generic List object
  • use the LINQ operator 'Where' for filtering
  • use the LINQ to XML provider to load XML and loop through collections
  • use the SQLConnection and the SQLConnectionStringBuilder classes to guard against attacks on your database
  • use types from the 'System.Reflection namespace' such as Assembly, PropertyInfo, and MethodInfo type
  • work with collections