C# Programming Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 19m
  • 19 questions
The C# Programming Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark evaluates your knowledge of implementing asynchronous and parallel programming, applying memory management techniques, and performing string-related operations. You will be assessed on your ability to leverage data access features of C#. Learners scoring high on this benchmark demonstrate the skills necessary to proficiently craft C# code that incorporates advanced techniques such as multithreading, asynchronous programming, memory management, and accessing data from files and databases.

Topics covered

  • consume data from a web service
  • demonstrate how to facilitate asynchronous pattern usage for Async and Await Keywords
  • demonstrate how to implement thread-safe methods to handle race conditions
  • demonstrate how to implement Using Block
  • distinguish between parallel for and for statements
  • force LINQ query execution
  • format strings
  • implement destructor
  • manage the unmanaged resources using Idisposable
  • parse network credentials safely
  • set up a series of tasks to run in a specified sequence
  • update database records through the Entity Framework model
  • use a LINQ query to select database data
  • use LINQ query operators to operate on data sequences and query .NET arrays and collections
  • use parallel ForEach methods
  • use string interpolation
  • use task to unblock the user interface thread
  • use the WebRequest class
  • using locking to prevent data from being accessed by multiple threads at a time