Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Literacy (Beginner Level)

  • 18m
  • 18 questions
The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Literacy benchmark measures your exposure to basic cloud security practices and theories. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have a genuine understanding of the major areas of cloud security and can actively participate in discussions with peers.

Topics covered

  • configure IAM groups and users
  • configure stateful firewalls in the cloud
  • define IAM roles
  • define network access control lists
  • define shared responsibility
  • define the basics of risk management
  • define the basics of storage management lifecycles
  • describe best practices for hardening VMs
  • describe common deployment and migration strategies
  • describe common development lifecycles
  • describe IAM policies and permissions
  • describe the CSA cloud data lifecycle
  • describe the three-tier design model
  • describe web application firewalls
  • design and plan security controls
  • perform cost-benefit analysis for the cloud service provider (CSP)
  • secure management access
  • secure the root account