Cisco Core Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 25m
  • 25 questions
The Cisco Core Competency benchmark will measure your ability to recognize key terms related to Cisco core concepts. You will be evaluated on Layer 1 and 2 technologies, network addressing, Cisco operating systems, IOS commands, and troubleshooting. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have knowledge of core Cisco components and tools.

Topics covered

  • assign an IP address to a Cisco switch
  • configure the Cisco device to boot from an IOS image
  • correlate the layers of the OSI model to those of the TCP/IP model
  • determine steps to console into a Cisco device
  • determine the Cisco operating system running on your device
  • differentiate between different copper cabling standards
  • display a list of interfaces on the Cisco devices
  • identify characteristics that distinguish between router and switch ethernet interfaces
  • identify differences in utility between different Nexus switch series
  • identify how to get command help
  • identify how to navigate to global configuration mode
  • Identify reasons for using multiple service providers
  • identify the characteristics of router models used for both central offices and branch offices
  • identify the configuration register values
  • Identify the different between TFTP and FTP
  • identify the different Cisco operating systems
  • Identify the purpose of a subnet mask
  • Identify the router IP address on the network
  • identify the standards associated with different cabling types
  • identify types of ports on the Cisco device
  • know the type of memory that is used to store the startup configuration
  • modify the configuration register value
  • troubleshoot communication issues on the network
  • use the appropriate tool to troubleshoot communication
  • view a list of VLANs on the Cisco switch