Cisco Firepower Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 18m
  • 18 questions
The Cisco Firepower Competency benchmark will measure your ability to recognize key terms and concepts related to Cisco Firepower concepts. You will be evaluated on Cisco firewalls, IPS systems, Firepower Management Center deployments and settings, and NGFW modes and deployments. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills related to understanding key Cisco Firepower terminology and concepts.

Topics covered

  • backup your Cisco device configuration
  • identify how to get command help
  • identify initial FMCv security configurations needed after installation
  • identify the configuration of a multi-instance deployment
  • identify the failover type supported by the Firepower device
  • identify the first step to configure a Firepower lab in AWS
  • identify the initial steps in FMC deployment on AWS
  • identify the NGFW interface type used to register the device within FMC
  • identify the NGFW mode when deployed within AWS
  • identify the redundancy type supported by link redundancy
  • identify the steps to add a device to the FMC
  • navigate from user exec to priv exec mode
  • recognize AWS supported instances for FTDv
  • recognize features of the Cisco Firepower device
  • recognize the different modes of a NGFW product
  • recognize the Firepower models that support clustering
  • recognize the IP address to use when adding the NGFW to the FMC
  • recognize the management tool to manage a single Firepower device