CompTIA A+ Core 1 Competency Benchmark (Intermediate Level)

  • 22m
  • 22 questions
The CompTIA A+ Core 1 Competency Benchmark (Intermediate Level) measures your ability to identify core computing and mobile technologies and participate in conversations about said technologies as an experienced professional. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have a deep and sophisticated working knowledge of computing.

Topics covered

  • define global positioning system (GPS) services and cellular location services
  • define the role of an inverter in an LCD screen
  • describe features of digitizers and touchscreens
  • describe mobile webcams and microphones
  • describe physical privacy and security components such as biometrics and near-field scanner features
  • describe rapid elasticity
  • describe the differences between internal and external sharing and file synchronization
  • differentiate between cable and DSL modems
  • differentiate between hubs and bridges
  • differentiate between LCD types including in-plane switching (IPS), twisted nematic (TN), and vertical alignment (VA)
  • differentiate between wireless cards/Bluetooth modules, cellular cards, and mini peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe)
  • identify the general purpose of virtual machines including how they can be used for sandboxing, application virtualization, and cross-platform virtualization
  • list common mobile display components including touchscreens, webcams, and microphones
  • list features of mobile device synchronization including data caps, ActiveSync, calendars, contacts, and commercial mail applications
  • list the benefits and security features of firewalls
  • outline PoE standards and injector and switch features
  • provide an overview of mobile device management features
  • provide an overview of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display types
  • provide an overview of virtualization
  • recognize mobile Wi-Fi antenna connectors and placement
  • recognize the benefits of high availability cloud solutions
  • recognize virtual machine resource requirements