Data Infrastructures with Snowflake Mastery (Expert Level)

  • 24m
  • 24 questions
The Data Infrastructures with Snowflake Mastery (Expert Level) benchmark measures your ability to work with continuous and semi-structured data, perform advanced analytics in Snowflake, and manage a Snowflake account. You will be evaluated on your ability to perform load operations for JSON data, configure parameters and security in Snowflake, and set up a secure share of Snowflake objects between two accounts. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to work on advanced analytics projects using Snowflake without any supervision.

Topics covered

  • copy data into a replica using cross-region data replication
  • create and set up Snowflake objects to be included in a secure share
  • create and use resource monitors
  • create a Snowflake account for data replication
  • create secure shares and grant and revoke permissions using queries
  • employ self-joins and recursive CTEs
  • execute queries on JSON data containing nested structures
  • identify how secure data sharing works in Snowflake
  • mask numeric and string data using column-level masking policies
  • perform load operations with various configurations and file patterns
  • perform windowing operations to create unbounded preceding and unbounded following windows
  • query XML data and flatten out hierarchical data
  • recall account, session, and object parameters
  • recall how to configure security in Snowflake
  • recall how windowing functions work in Snowflake
  • recognize the constraints and rules of secure data sharing
  • remove unnamed outer arrays from JSON data when loading into Snowflake
  • set up and use key-pair authentication with Snowflake
  • set up a secure share of Snowflake objects between two accounts
  • set up Okta for SSO for Snowflake
  • use a replicated database and sync it with the original
  • use ranking and windowing functions with partitioned data
  • utilize the ROW_NUMBER, RANK, and DENSE_RANK functions
  • view and modify session and account parameters