Data Infrastructures with Snowflake Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 19m
  • 19 questions
The Data Infrastructures with Snowflake Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark measures your ability to work with continuous data, perform advanced analytics in Snowflake, and work with semi-structured data in Snowflake. You will be evaluated on your skills in setting up a table and internal Snowflake stage for data ingestion, integrating Snowflake with Azure and AWS, executing various join operations, and loading and querying JSON and XML data in Snowflake. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to work on advanced analytics using Snowflake without any supervision.

Topics covered

  • access unstructured JSON data from Snowflake
  • create a pipe to auto-load data from Amazon S3 into a Snowflake table
  • create a Snowpipe and view its metadata
  • execute full outer, natural, and cross joins
  • extract column values from JSON data and load them into a regular Snowflake table
  • ingest data continuously from S3 into Snowflake
  • link the Azure and Snowflake resources with a Snowpipe for continuous data ingestion
  • load data into a table automatically using a Snowflake pipe
  • load JSON data as arrays into Snowflake tables
  • outline how batch, stream, and micro-batch processing works
  • perform inner, left, and right joins
  • recall how structured and semi-structured data work
  • recognize how the Snowpipe service works in Snowflake
  • recognize Snowflake’s support for big data analytics
  • set up a table and internal Snowflake stage and load JSON data into the stage
  • set up the stage, file format, and data for loading continuous data
  • test out the auto-ingesting of data from Azure storage into a Snowflake table
  • use CTEs within queries
  • use subqueries and set operators