Exploratory Data Analysis in R Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 23m
  • 23 questions
The Exploratory Data Analysis in R Competency benchmark measures whether a learner has had exposure and experience in performing exploratory data analysis in R. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates knowledge and experience in getting the data in various formats, understanding the data, and exploring and visualizing the data in R for data analysis.

Topics covered

  • apply a summary function using dplyr
  • combine two related datasets using a join operation
  • create a bar chart
  • create a box and whisker plot
  • create a bubble plot
  • create a histogram
  • create a line graph
  • create a scatter plot
  • create new columns using the mutate method
  • fetch a JSON document over HTTP and load it using dplyr
  • filter tabular data using dplyr
  • load multiple sheets from an Excel document
  • perform multiple operations using the pipe operator
  • read data from a CSV formatted text file
  • read data from an Excel spreadsheet
  • read data from a relational database using a SQL query
  • select subsets of data using dplyr
  • summarize data using summary functions
  • use a regular expression to extract data into a new column
  • use mean imputation to replace missing values
  • use the dplyr join functions to combine data
  • use the dplyr library to load data frames
  • use the group_by method from the dplyr library