Functional Testing with Java Selenium Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 15m
  • 15 questions
The Functional Testing with Java Selenium Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark assesses your solid foundation in advanced functional testing techniques such as waiting strategies and window and tab management in Selenium. You will be evaluated on your ability to automate interactions with complex user interface (UI) widgets and manage iframes and browser alerts. Learners scoring high on this benchmark demonstrate the skills necessary to work with advanced Selenium functional testing, including waiting strategies, window/tab management, complex UI interactions, iframe handling, and browser alerts.

Topics covered

  • accept and dismiss alerts and prompt alerts
  • automate and test the date picker widget
  • configure and use implicit waits for dynamic elements
  • configure and use the fluent wait for more flexibility in waiting strategies
  • implement explicit waits for elements, enabled elements, and attribute values
  • implement options for window management
  • interact with iframes and switch driver context
  • interact with multiple embedded iframes
  • locate and identify broken links on a page
  • open multiple tabs and switch to tabs on the browser
  • parse and verify table contents
  • provide an overview of using Selenium for functional testing
  • take full screen and element screenshots
  • test dynamic drop downs with single selection
  • use Thread.sleep() to wait for dynamic elements in web pages