Java Spring Basics Literacy (Beginner Level)

  • 15m
  • 15 questions
The Java Spring Basics Literacy benchmark measures your skills on Spring principles, Inversion of Control and Aspect Oriented Programming, and database integration using ORM frameworks such as JPA & Hibernate. You will be assessed on your ability to implement dependency injections within the Spring framework, configure beans with Autowiring, attach different types of advices to aspects in an application, define entities using JPA, and translate with Hibernate. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to develop enterprise applications using the Spring framework and perform DB integration using the ORM framework.

Topics covered

  • apply autowiring to the beans created from a class using the Autowired annotation
  • apply Hibernate APIs to persist the data in Java objects to a relational database
  • configure entities in an application using JPA annotations
  • contrast the initialization of beans in an ApplicationContext with their creation in a BeanFactory
  • create a class whose beans depend on several other beans
  • define a method that can be set as an aspect in a Java application
  • delineate a number of different features in an application whose development can be simplified using various modules in the Spring framework
  • describe object-relational mapping and the role of JPA and Hibernate in implementing this technique
  • describe the features available in the Spring framework to implement dependency injection
  • identify the use cases of aspect-oriented programming and implement a logging feature in your application using this programing paradigm
  • recognize what mechanisms are available to implement aspect-oriented programming in Java
  • set aspects to run before and after certain methods in your application using before and after advices
  • set up aspects in an application using Java annotations
  • use JPA annotations to configure a many-to-many relationship between entities in an application
  • use the JPA APIs to add new data to and retrieve existing data from a table in a relational database