Java Spring Data Literacy (Beginner Level)

  • 15m
  • 15 questions
The Java Spring Data Literacy benchmark evaluates your skills to work with Spring Data JDBC, Spring Data JPA, and Spring Batch for processing batch data. You will be assessed on your ability to perform DB integrations using JDBC, to write custom/complex queries with JPA and to efficiently process batch data with Spring Batch. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to develop robust and easy to maintain applications with Spring Data frameworks that offer enterprise-grade solutions.

Topics covered

  • call various CrudRepository methods that are implemented by default by the Spring framework
  • create the class for the Java objects that will serve as the focal point in a batch process
  • create a batch process to read data from a JSON file and load it into a relational database table
  • define a DataSource to be used in a java application within a properties file
  • define custom queries that bind to parameters passed to a CrudRepository method
  • define named queries in an XML file and a Java source file
  • define some of the core components of a Spring Batch application using Java annotations
  • execute create, read/retrieve, update, and delete queries against a database using a JdbcTemplate instance
  • implement derived query methods that operate on multiple parameters
  • instantiate and persist objects that have a many-to-many relationship with one another
  • map custom queries to a method in a CrudRepository
  • recognize the features offered by Spring Batch to make batch processing easier and more robust
  • search for entities based on ranges of values in numeric and date fields
  • set up a class that represents an entity to be persisted into a database table using Spring Data JPA
  • set up derived query methods that search for entities based on the values of multiple properties