Leading Security Teams for GenAI Solutions Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 21m
  • 21 questions
The Leading Security Teams for GenAI Solutions Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark measures your knowledge of the key elements around governance for generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) solutions. You will be evaluated on your recollection of key concepts surrounding the security implications created by GenAI. A learner who scores highly on this benchmark demonstrates the requisite skills and expertise in generative AI security. They can lead security teams in integrating generative AI solutions and make informed decisions to ensure safe navigation in the emerging GenAI landscape.

Topics covered

  • assess regulatory risks associated with known design options
  • describe how generative AI can be used to help generate malicious malware
  • describe how generative AI can increase and speed up social engineering attacks
  • describe how generative AI monitoring can be used to enforce AI policies
  • describe how governments can regulate generative AI and what regulations are in place
  • describe how poor development processes can create risks
  • describe how to navigate generative artificial intelligence (AI) attacks and how to put countermeasures in place
  • describe the concerns that generative AI brings on an ethical level and how privacy plays a role
  • describe why governance around generative AI is important and how it can be achieved
  • differentiate between technical metrics and business metrics
  • identify the benefits of user education and adoption when implementing a governance approach
  • list ways to enhance protection controls including processes, governance, and ethics
  • outline AI governance best practices, including engaging stakeholders, managing AI models, and building internal governance structures
  • outline common considerations for securing AI systems
  • outline data and AI risk management considerations
  • outline how generative AI can be used maliciously to perform model manipulation and data poisoning
  • outline steps to implement effective governance
  • provide an overview of how AI auditing can be used to identify potential exposures and mitigate all potential risks
  • provide an overview of how content created using generative AI can pose legal challenges
  • provide an overview of the increased risk of data breaches and identity theft
  • provide an overview of the principle of responsible AI