Microsoft Azure Administrator: Implement and Manage Storage Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 28m
  • 28 questions
The Implement and Manage Storage Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark assesses your ability to design and implement storage solutions that meet business requirements, protect critical data, and ensure high availability of storage resources. Learners will be evaluated on their skills in managing Azure Storage, creating storage accounts, configuring storage options, implementing Azure Backup, and monitoring and optimizing storage performance. A learner who scores high on this competency demonstrates their ability to design and implement storage solutions that meet performance, scalability, and availability requirements. They also have knowledge of how to select and configure the appropriate storage options to meet specific business needs and monitor and optimize storage performance.

Topics covered

  • allow storage account access from specific networks
  • automate storage account blob life cycle activities
  • configure Azure AD authentication for a storage account
  • configure reserved virtual machine instances
  • create an Azure budget to monitor monthly spending
  • create an Azure export job using the portal
  • create an Azure import job using the portal
  • create an Azure storage account
  • create an SAS for a blob
  • create a shared access signature (SAS) for a storage account
  • demonstrate how to upload blobs using the Azure portal
  • describe the Azure Import/Export service
  • describe various methods to reduce monthly cloud computing charges
  • encrypt an Azure storage account with a customer-managed key
  • install and setup the Azure Import/Export tool
  • manage storage account data archiving
  • manage storage account geo-replication
  • map a mount point to an Azure Files share
  • prepare a disk for use with Azure Import/Export
  • recall how an Azure Files share enables shared folders in the cloud
  • recognize how encryption provides data confidentiality
  • recognize how role-based access control (RBAC) assignments can limit access to manage Azure storage accounts
  • recognize when storage accounts should be used
  • set a legal hold policy on a blob
  • use Azure Storage Explorer to manage blobs
  • use the AzCopy tool to copy blobs
  • use the Azure portal to manage an Azure Files share
  • view the contents of Azure cloud computing invoices