Microsoft Azure Administrator: Manage Azure Identities and Governance Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 27m
  • 27 questions
The Manage Azure Identities and Governance Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark assesses your ability to design and implement identity and access management (IAM) solutions that meet business requirements. You will be evaluated on your skills in creating and executing IAM solutions, ensuring proper compliance and governance, and protecting organizational assets. A learner who scores high on this competency demonstrates their ability to develop and implement identity and access management solutions that meet security, compliance, and governance requirements. They also know how to configure Azure AD Connect to synchronize on-premises identities with Azure AD.

Topics covered

  • analyze past deployments in the resource group
  • assign Azure AD roles to admins
  • configure Azure AD conditional access
  • configure banned passwords
  • create and assign a custom RBAC role
  • create Azure AD users using a bulk import file
  • create dynamic groups memberships for Azure AD users and devices
  • delete a resource group and deployed resources
  • group related policies together into a policy initiative
  • link on-premises Active Directory to an Azure AD tenant
  • manage Azure AD applications
  • move an Azure resource to a different resource group
  • organize subscriptions under a management group
  • outline how Azure Policy can be used for compliance
  • outline how management groups and resource groups are used
  • outline how RBAC controls access to Azure resources
  • plan the number and use of Azure AD tenants
  • recall how subscription types and support plans impact the Azure environment
  • recognize how group membership can be dynamic
  • register a custom DNS name for use with an Azure AD tenant
  • restore deleted Azure AD groups
  • use PowerShell to create and manage Azure AD users
  • use the portal to assign a policy
  • use the portal to create a resource group
  • use the portal to enable resource locks in the Azure hierarchy
  • use the portal to manage Azure subscriptions
  • use the portal to manage RBAC