Mobile App Development Using Java Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The Mobile App Development Using Java Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark evaluates your knowledge of defining and structuring the layout for your app and reusing common components. You will be evaluated on your skills in defining the business logic of an Android app using Kotlin, implementing inheritance, conveying messages between activities, and using imported libraries to retrieve and parse JSON data. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to recognize and use a variety of view elements and structures to design and develop a user-friendly Android application using Kotlin.

Topics covered

  • add an image to the resources of an Android app
  • code the logic for an app's splash screen that includes directing a user to the main screen of the app
  • combine a header and menu in order to design a navigation pane for an Android app
  • configure a help page with dynamically populated answers
  • configure a menu with several items in an Android app
  • configure the Gradle build script of an Android project with the dependencies of your app
  • configure the launcher activity and define permissions for your Android application using its manifest file
  • create a base Activity class that others can inherit in order to implement a common navigation pane
  • create an APK file that can be used to load your app onto a physical Android device
  • create a splash screen rendering text for an Android app
  • define a property to hold live foreign exchange data that is accessible to all Activities in your Android app
  • define a screen that displays a vertically-scrollable list of information along with other details
  • define the actions to be performed for the selection of each individual item in a navigation pane
  • define the header elements for a navigation menu in an Android app
  • design a screen containing an image, drop-downs, buttons, and numeric input fields
  • launch your app in a virtual device emulator and verify its behavior
  • recognize requirements for an Android application that performs currency conversion using live foreign exchange data
  • use Kotlin libraries in order to issue HTTP requests and parse JSON data
  • use the resources files for an Android application to define strings and colors that will be referenced from other files
  • write the code to load a series of values into a ListView widget