Mobile App Development Using Java Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The Mobile App Development Using Java Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark measures your knowledge of integrating an app with Google's Firebase platform, applying an authentication service, and connecting to a real-time database. You will be evaluated on your skills in creating unit and instrumented tests for your Android app and defining UI tests using the Espresso framework. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to integrate an authentication service and a cloud-hosted database into your Android app and can perform basic unit and functional testing.

Topics covered

  • apply final touches to the auto-generated code from an Espresso recording and execute the tests
  • automate the testing of various UI elements in your app by codifying the navigation to the different Activities
  • code the startup tasks for an instrumented test on one of the Activities in your app
  • code the user registration Activity of your app to perform some simple data validation
  • confirm that registered users of your app are able to sign in with the credentials they registered with
  • define a functional test for your Android app involving interactions with various UI elements
  • define a simple unit test that does not involve the use of UI elements of your Android app
  • define the layout for the login screen of an Android app
  • define the logic for an Activity that stores data input by a user in a Firebase real-time database
  • enable the Firebase authentication service for your Android app
  • enable the logging out of a user from an app through the navigation menu
  • integrate your app with the real-time database service of Firebase that is hosted on the cloud
  • modify the navigation pane of an app to include a logout item
  • modularize your unit tests by separating the common setup tasks into a separate function
  • record your actions on an emulator in order to simplify the creation of UI tests for your Android app
  • run all the tests defined for your Android app from the command line
  • run multiple tests that involve common setup tasks and verify the behavior of the app in an emulator
  • set up Firebase to authenticate your app's users and to store their data in a database
  • verify the functionality of validators in your app by running tests against an Activity that uses them
  • write the code for an Activity that integrates with the Firebase authentication service to confirm a user's identity