Mobile App Development with Flutter Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 25m
  • 25 questions
The Mobile App Development with Flutter Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark evaluates your knowledge of building and using the right input widget for a use case, handling input changes, using widgets in forms, and creating custom form field widgets. You will be assessed on your skills in detecting gestures and configuring callbacks with GestureDetector, handling gesture lifecycle events and disambiguating gestures using a raw gesture detector, and creating animations in Flutter using animated widgets and the animation controller. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they have the skills to work with forms and animations in Flutter for mobile app development.

Topics covered

  • build an AnimatedContainer and animate multiple properties
  • create an app that uses tweens
  • create and use a switch widget for binary input
  • create and use dismissible widgets
  • create and use dropdown widgets
  • create and use implicit animations
  • create and use manual animations
  • create and use spring simulations for draggable cards
  • create and use the animated slide widget
  • create animations using builders
  • disambiguate gestures using custom gesture recognizers
  • enable autovalidate mode on form fields
  • handle different types of gestures and add splash effects
  • handle drag gestures
  • introduce input widgets in Flutter
  • perform and handle multiple animations
  • recognize how Flutter gestures work
  • use a custom state with a custom form field
  • use handlers in text fields
  • use hero animations for smooth transitions
  • use radio button widgets in Flutter apps
  • use sibling gesture detectors
  • use staggered animations
  • use the animated opacity and cross-fade widgets
  • validate form inputs