Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The Java SE 11 Developer Competency benchmark measures your knowledge of NetBeans debugging, module definitions, classes, interfaces, generics, collections, and marker interface usage in Java SE 11. You will be evaluated on your skills in working with the Comparator and Comparable interfaces, using Collator and RuleBasedCollator, the role of functional interfaces, and building lambda expressions. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to work with exceptions, functional interfaces, and lambda expressions.

Topics covered

  • catch multiple exceptions that can be thrown from a block of code
  • chain if and else constructs together
  • compile and run a modular application
  • create and use custom exception classes
  • create and use final classes
  • create and use Generic classes and methods with diamond notation
  • create and use Lambda expressions
  • create anonymous class based on a scenario
  • create a subclass
  • demonstrate the utility of ConcurrentMap and ConcurrentNavigableMap
  • describe Comparable subinterfaces and their implementations
  • describe Java modular design principles
  • describe multi-tier program architecture
  • describe the conditions that lead to a Throwable class of type RuntimeException using a use operator assignment to abbreviate common operations
  • explain the difference between abstract and non-abstract classes
  • identify bad exception handling and modify code to help clarify the source of the exception
  • implement algorithms using the Collections class
  • inspect the value of variables when debugging a program
  • list attributes and methods of the Java SE 11 Enum class, which can be used to handle Enumeration scenarios
  • recognize uncaught exceptions and identify the error in the call stack
  • run a program from a JAR file on the command line
  • set breakpoints in code to stop execution when debugging a program
  • simplify programs using Wrapper classes
  • start the debugger and step into a program
  • use AssertionError class in Java SE 11 to indicate an assertion has failed
  • use marker interfaces in List implementations to improve Collection performance
  • use RuleBasedCollator with specialized tailored rules
  • work with convenience factory methods for Collections
  • work with functional interfaces
  • work with nested classes in Java SE 11