Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate: SQL Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 22m
  • 22 questions
The SQL Proficiency benchmark measures whether a learner has exposure and experience in advanced data analysis using SQL such as fetching data from multiple tables, grouping and aggregating data, applying functions and conditional expressions, writing complex queries using subqueries, creating schema objects, controlling user access, and manipulating data using advanced queries. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the essential data management and analysis skills to perform data analysis independently.

Topics covered

  • create cross joins in a SQL statement
  • delete child rows using the ON DELETE CASCADE and DELETE SET NULL clauses
  • demonstrate the use of the NEXTVAL and CURRVAL pseudocolumns
  • demonstrate when to use the ALL_OBJECTS view
  • demonstrate when to use the FOR UPDATE and LOCK table statements
  • demonstrate when to use the USER OBJECTS view
  • describe when to use multitable INSERT statements
  • differentiate between simple and complex views
  • differentiate between system and object privileges
  • guarantee consistent view of data at all times
  • mark columns as unused with the SET UNUSED statement
  • nest group functions to a depth of two functions in a SQL statement
  • pass on privileges using the WITH GRANT OPTION clause
  • query a data dictionary view for table, column, and constraint information
  • query external tables
  • track changes in data
  • use the ALTER SEQUENCE statement
  • use the CASCADE CONSTRAINTS clause
  • use the DECODE function to facilitate conditional inquiry in a SQL statement
  • use the FLASHBACK TABLE statement
  • use the INTERSECT operator to return all rows that are common to multiple queries in a SQL statement
  • use the MINUS operator to return all distinct rows selected by the first query in a SQL statement