Programming for Engineering Leaders Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 15m
  • 15 questions
The Programming for Engineering Leaders Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark measures your ability to identify low-code and no-code platform features and their common use cases. You will be evaluated on your ability to identify the benefits of APIs and create and maintain them. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have good experience leading programming and developer teams.

Topics covered

  • build an application using Microsoft Power Apps
  • create an API using a Swagger YAML file
  • create a workflow for an event-driven application using AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio
  • deploy an API from a Swagger file using Kong
  • identify best practices for low-code and no-code platforms from a security and performance perspective
  • identify the benefits that a custom-built API provides for application component access
  • identify tools and scenarios for integrating solutions with popular APIs
  • implement custom API keys to apply specific throttles and measure API usage by third parties
  • list common security measures and standard practices
  • list the procedures and tools used to deploy APIs to on-premises and cloud-based environments
  • outline event-driven workflow orchestration with AWS Step Functions
  • outline the process and tools for creating APIs
  • recognize how to test APIs using tools such as Postman and mock environments
  • state how to gather API metrics and telemetry
  • use API Gateway to deploy an API from a Swagger file to an AWS environment