Python API Development Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 21m
  • 21 questions
The Python API Development Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark assesses your ability to use HTTPX features to optimize the processing of HTTP requests. You will be evaluated on your ability to build REST APIs, use the Flask-RESTful request parser, customize the parser to validate input arguments, and bundle errors to display more user-friendly error responses. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to use HTTPX to send and process HTTP requests, build REST APIs, and validate input requests in Flask.

Topics covered

  • build an API to return images in response to a GET request
  • compare and contrast the Python Requests and HTTPX libraries
  • configure a Flask-RESTful request parser to parse arguments from different locations
  • configure an httpx.Cookies instance to send a collection of properties to a remote server
  • configure required parameters using the Flask-RESTful request parser
  • create a custom class which accepts data in a PUT request and uses it to update a resource
  • create a REST API with a route that responds to GET requests
  • develop an application so that a Django model instance is created for data sent through POST requests
  • identify when a redirect has taken place upon submitting an HTTP request
  • issue GET requests to your Django app and analyze the responses that are generated
  • limit the amount of time your app spends waiting to get served a response to an HTTP request using timeouts
  • obtain information about a remote service by examining the data in the headers returned in an HTTP response
  • process large HTTP responses in chunks using HTTPX streams
  • recognize the messages conveyed in the different status codes sent in an HTTP response
  • recognize the types of exceptions that can be encountered when sending and processing requests with HTTPX
  • specify custom error messages for missing arguments using the Flask-RESTful library
  • use a request parser to parse input arguments sent in a request body
  • use HEAD and OPTIONS requests and test the validation of POST requests
  • use the copy method to inherit from a predefined request parser via Flask-RESTful
  • use the Flask-RESTful library to bundle parsing errors
  • use the HTTPX AsynClient to download a set of files asynchronously