Python for Developers Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 16m
  • 16 questions
The Python for Developers Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark evaluates your ability to build programs with control structures, iteratively loop over a block of code, and implement comprehension of lists, generators, and dictionaries. You will be assessed on your skills in creating and invoking Python functions, utilizing keywords and positional arguments, specifying default values for arguments, packing and unpacking varargs, and recognizing why functions are first class objects. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to work with control flow statements and comprehensions, along with defining, configuring, and invoking functions in Python.

Topics covered

  • control loop iteration using break, continue, and pass
  • define and invoke functions
  • execute Python scripts from the command line
  • generate lists using if conditions within list comprehension
  • generate lists using list comprehension
  • illustrate the characteristics of first-class functions
  • implement branching using elif blocks
  • implement branching using else blocks and ternary if expressions
  • implement generator and dictionary comprehension
  • iterate over dictionaries using for loops
  • pass a variable number of positional arguments to a function
  • perform looping operations using while loops
  • store functions in variables and lists
  • use local and global arguments
  • use nested for loops for multiple looping operations
  • use the return keyword to return values from functions