Python Web App Development with web2py Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 12m
  • 12 questions
The Python Web App Development with web2py Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark calibrates your skills in modifying prebuilt Bootstrap templates, building an e-commerce application, adding functionality to register users, and presenting different views to admins and users in signed-in and signed-out modes. You will be evaluated on your ability to add administration functionality, implement foreign key constraints, and filter functionality to an e-commerce application. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they have the skills to work with prebuilt Bootstrap templates, use decorators, and implement foreign key constraints and table forms in web2py.

Topics covered

  • create a new table and configure it using built-in web2py constructs
  • demonstrate how to map a URL to an individual row in a relational database to enable access to resources
  • identify how to allow users to search for specific categories of products by defining a filter
  • illustrate how to add rows to a database table using a SQLFORM and recognize its validation features
  • illustrate how to apply a web2py decorator to ensure only signed-in users can access sections of your web site
  • illustrate how to use the built-in sign-up feature to add new users to the app
  • list the steps to allow for removal of items from a shopping cart, while also updating the product inventory
  • modify an existing template by using required components and extending them with your own
  • outline how to display the contents of an e-commerce shopping cart
  • outline how to include static resources such as images and CSS files to the web2py app
  • recognize how foreign key references can be implemented when defining a table for a web2py app
  • state a model for the web2py app, including a connection to a MySQL database