React Application Programming Competency

  • 25m
  • 25 questions
The React Application Programming Competency benchmark measures your ability to pass data into components using props and use components to maintain internal state. You will be evaluated on your skills in listening to specific events and handling them using event handlers. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to maintain the state of data and handle events in React.

Topics covered

  • access child elements using props.children
  • access the previous state of a component
  • apply error boundaries to catch errors
  • build a component to toggle state
  • describe how DOM reconciliation works
  • describe the advantages of synthetic events
  • dynamically render components based on conditions
  • evaluate expressions to pass data to components
  • evaluate expressions to pass values to props
  • execute code once a component is mounted to the DOM
  • hook into the update phase of a component's lifecycle
  • optimize the rendering of a component
  • pass data into components using props
  • perform specific validations on props
  • prevent the browser's default event handling
  • recall the differences between props and state
  • recall the use of event propagation in the capture and bubble phases
  • recognize the phases in a React component's lifecycle
  • specify functions as children of a component
  • summarize what happens in the mounting phase of a component's lifecycle
  • transfer props from higher to lower level components manually
  • transfer props from higher to lower level components using the spread operator
  • update state using this.setState() in a component
  • use synthetic events to access event properties
  • wire up event handlers to update the state of a component