React Application Programming Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 29m
  • 29 questions
The React Application Programming Proficiency benchmark will measure your ability to manage form data with and without the component state. You will be assessed on your skills in using advanced features in React, such as conditional rendering, lifting state up the component tree, and code reuse using composition. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to prototype and debug React applications in development and production environments.

Topics covered

  • compare controlled and uncontrolled components for form data
  • create a production build with minified files
  • create special components using composition
  • describe the different files generated in a production build
  • design form elements to be individual components
  • develop a simple application in the create-react-app environment
  • evaluate conditions using inline logical operators
  • extract state from lower level components
  • illustrate the use of global properties without context
  • install and work with React Developer Tools
  • modify components to use context for global properties
  • perform rendering using ternary operators
  • recall how controlled components work in forms
  • recall the disadvantages of storing state locally
  • render components using conditional evaluation
  • reuse code using inheritance
  • serve the application in a production build
  • sketch the right usage of keys in components
  • specify unique keys for list elements
  • store state in higher level components for synchronization
  • synchronize component state using event handlers
  • test the form on a web browser
  • use React Developer Tools to explore the component tree
  • use React Developer Tools to profile applications
  • use state within the application
  • use uncontrolled components to handle file inputs in forms
  • validate data passed into forms
  • wire up a single event handler for multiple inputs
  • wire up event handlers to delete comments